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jeudi 31 juillet 2008

IMAL night - Brussels 2008_07_26

IMAL Radio shoot stories, live radio and open mic - on Panik FM105.4 in Brussels. Gigs all nite long.

JPEG - 160.5 ko guys
JPEG - 232.4 ko
crashed screen
JPEG - 250.1 ko
JPEG - 107.4 ko
lucille Calmel
JPEG - 878.9 ko
s├ębastien dicenaire
JPEG - 276.7 ko
JPEG - 306 ko
JPEG - 285.7 ko
mastering Jedis


MTM (Montessuis/Tapol/Martig). We played our first gig together @ IMAL for the Radio shoot stories, live radio on Panik FM105.4 in Brussels. Gigs all nite long. With the precious mix help of Frederic Alstadt from ANGSTROM Mastering. Golden ears ! thanks Frederic. noise processing of 2 voices + 1 guitar

JPEG - 858 ko
JPEG - 788.1 ko
JPEG - 878.9 ko
JPEG - 782.3 ko

1st recording

Mons - Bruxelles. Sound of this slow elevator for boats. 1st recording, for my COMPOST_ESD project which consist of a fat, big, massive, enormous and monstruous minimal / maximal noise drone made of thousands of layered sounds recorded during the all process of this project. I’ll use my recordings as well as the ones shared by the artists.

MP3 - 5.1 Mo