Joachim Montessuis 2008-08-25T15:26:00Z BUDAPEST 2008-08-25T15:26:00Z 2008-08-25T15:26:00Z Some news from Budapest.. 20th of august was the national day in Hungaria. We found some ultra nationalists in a park, with skinheads and hungry hungarians. We recorded the speeches..they took us in pictures..probably for our beauty aha...or for the files.. We made also some recordings of the Red bull air race ! The world champion seems to be the hungarian Peter Besenyei as i understood, and he was there to RRrrrrrrooooooaaaaaaarrrrrRRRRRRRR under the bridges with crazy loops and weird (...) Joachim Montessuis BUDAPEST 2008-08-23T17:35:04Z 2008-08-23T17:35:04Z pix & snds of the gig in Szentendre (near Budapest). Life on this boat is full of noises and surprises. Water, electricity, internet.. facing difficulties to have these simple things makes everyday life challenging. Thirsty for wifi and hot shower. ; ) IMG/mp3/20080819_szentendre.mp3 Joachim Montessuis ROTTERDAM 2008-08-12T22:51:59Z 2008-08-12T22:51:59Z few sounds & pix Live @ V2 - Rotterdam 2008 08 08 IMG/mp3/20080808_V2_ROTTERDAM.mp3 Joachim Montessuis ROTTERDAM 2008-08-06T21:43:00Z 2008-08-06T21:43:00Z We left Anvers yesterday, and arrived today - August 6 - in Rotterdam with the boat. Erik Minkkinen and Olivier on board for half of the trip. We stopped in a small typical village where we met Bambi... I spent 11 months in Rotterdam in the past (2004) during a residency @, so it's good to come back, visit the town and see V2 people again. Few pix, more 2 come Joachim Montessuis Anvers 2008-08-01T03:56:19Z 2008-08-01T03:56:19Z We arrived at AIR in Antwerpen, Belgium. Not enough place for all on the boat, so we are located for the week in this big house managed by super Felix. Phill Niblock came to see us and i made mozzarella/tomatoes +belgium sausages for all. yumm. Funky area... And our friends "les deux Alpes" (michael Sellam, joined by Florence later on, and Manu the naked freak) just arrived from Paris to join a bit... Felix's little dog Castro is there.. We made a set in the house, stream with Belgrade, and (...) Joachim Montessuis IMAL night - Brussels 2008_07_26 2008-07-31T20:32:04Z 2008-07-31T20:32:04Z IMAL Radio shoot stories, live radio and open mic - on Panik FM105.4 in Brussels. Gigs all nite long. guys crashed screen lucille Calmel sébastien dicenaire mastering Jedis Joachim Montessuis MTM @ IMAL 2008-07-31T18:47:42Z 2008-07-31T18:47:42Z MTM (Montessuis/Tapol/Martig). We played our first gig together @ IMAL for the Radio shoot stories, live radio on Panik FM105.4 in Brussels. Gigs all nite long. With the precious mix help of Frederic Alstadt from ANGSTROM Mastering. Golden ears ! thanks Frederic. noise processing of 2 voices + 1 guitar Joachim Montessuis 1st recording 2008-07-31T18:24:02Z 2008-07-31T18:24:02Z Mons - Bruxelles. Sound of this slow elevator for boats. 1st recording, for my COMPOST_ESD project which consist of a fat, big, massive, enormous and monstruous minimal / maximal noise drone made of thousands of layered sounds recorded during the all process of this project. I'll use my recordings as well as the ones shared by the artists. IMG/mp3/toboggan_a_peniche.mp3 Joachim Montessuis Teaser 2008-07-30T05:42:47Z 2008-07-30T05:42:47Z a teaser for the radio done with sounds from the Rhine and the Danube (sounds from me, Gael Segalen, Aymeric de Tapol, François Martig). IMG/mp3/ESD_TEASER_MASTER.mp3 Joachim Montessuis Live @ Compilotheque - Bruxelles 2008-07-23 2008-07-25T13:49:08Z 2008-07-25T13:49:08Z in mp3 320kbps 08'37 19MB IMG/mp3/20080723.Bruxelles_compilotheque.mp3 Joachim Montessuis